Published on 22 Jun 2011
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Inform your hypothesis by looking at current research, literature,
2- last things you wanna do is immerse yourself in a cultue and
become too biased,
5- causation- randomly assign ppl to diff conditions- true
experiment- but cant do that, cant just assign ppl to different
oInstead of doing ture experiments, you do inferances, what is
the cultural dimension driving my differences?
oIndividualism- more independent
oCollectivism- good of the group, work as group
oDimension- is it me or is it the group?
oApproach- more attuned to someone who promotes while
avoidance is what do I do tot avoid something
oTightness means more rigid about things while looseness is
more like your okay with didderent proscedures
oMonochromic, specific
oFatalism- more destiny oriented
oAre my cultures effects………in the world?
oSocial cognitive approach- the way we perceive the world and
the way we interpret info In our head
oPriming- making something salient , can prime it with
oEveryboday can be individualistic or collectivist cause it can
be primed
oIndividual differences- as the cause as the mediator
oSituational-structural approach- two diff group of ppl, given
blank piece of paper, give situation you felt
embarrassed/proud/etc, ask another group of ppl and, look at
the differences in what they are feeling, look at if the
situation is universal or not, depends on situation and mindset
oPerson- culture of honour, if someone is aggressive towards
you trying to hurt your honour, the norm is to retaliate, also
an ethic virture where someone is nice to you so you
reciprocrate it,
oLinguistic translation-
oQuatifiers- give it a numerical value
oCultural product- photography, literature, etc
oTypicality- most typical person from that culture, just
minimal diff- try to control for everything
oCollege student sampling- convenient sample, ¼ ppl have a
college education in North America, 1/8 in scandnavia, now
you are comparing the elite to the superelite of another
country, removing a lot variance and data that you actually
wanna gather
oEthnic student sampling- ppl experience culture differently
oBicultural sampling- hard to generalize beyond ppl who have
those two culture
oHave to interpret number