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lecture 2

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Lecture 2 ( sept 15) – Evolutionary Foundations of Cultural Psychology
– Genes and ideas are the same interm of evolution
β—‹Deals with frequencies
– Natural selection
β—‹Survival of the fittest
– Sexual selection
β—‹Survival of me – pasing on ur gene
– Longeivities
β—‹Need to live long enough to pass on genese and ideas
– Popuantyy <sp>
β—‹How popular
β—‹How healthy your gene is = more likely to mate
β—‹How good an idea is = more likely to spread
– Fedility
β—‹Accuracy of the repitiation
ξ€ŠErrors, mutated more frequency
β€’What is beautiful is good, what is good is beautiful
β—‹Difference btw gene and ideas
– Communicable
β—‹Need to be socially acceptable ideas
β—‹Need ppl to communicate – access
– Emotional ideas
β—‹Telling stories
β—‹Wont tell the mundane details want to tell, you don’t want to be boring
β—‹When ppl tell a story they are trying to enduce an emotional
β—‹More emotional they are, the more likely to spread
ξ€ŠRumours – ppl exgurate details to enduce more emotions
– Minimally counterintuitive
β—‹A little bit of twist
Hunter and Gathereer Apaptedness
– The first thing you ask when studying evolutions
– 10-30 ppl, size of small families
β—‹Get together with other groups
β—‹Get to the size of 100-150
– Nomadic
β—‹No permentant locations
β—‹Move with movement of food
– Not alot of position, living of the land
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