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attraction, social relationship lecture

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Sisi Tran

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Attraction, close relationships, and groups
There are social motives for why we want to affiliate (be wid ppl)
Efficacy the feeling of having some kind of control over something
Enhancement invid. Cultures do more of self enhancement. And collectivistic
cultures have this sympathy where they realize their flaws but they say its okay cuz
they have other good qualities. So for both cultures theres a motivation for self-
Trust indiv. Cultures trust widely. Collectivistic cultures are very cautious of
trusting a lot of ppl. They dont trust until you earn the trust
Warmth and supportiveness is an emotional support (validating?) or instrumental
care (listening and telling them that youll do something)
Close to us in proximity those who are beside you (you intereact wid dem more
because their close to u )
Physically attractive we think that they have better skills, morals, standards, etc
If we didnt have limited resources then we wont reproduce so fast cuz we have
limited resources we want to reproduce fast and pass the genes one ?
Guys in collectistic cultures would have thses things in their personal ads they
promote their role and membership, resources, position/status, their family history
(like what his dad does and so on). Hes looking for a girl whos submissive (listen to
everything he says), hes concerned with impressing the family more then the girl
Girls in collectivistic culture look for a guy with resources, high education, wants a
guy to marry and not date, wants kids, similar background,. They promotes their
cooking skills, gardening, religious membership, caste, family background
Vitality meaning healthy
What a guy and girl looks for in their mate is the same but it can look different
Individualistic/collectivistic assumptions of love
oLove is scantioned only bw certain partners your social network will only
sanction those who are a good match for u like in terms of religion, cast,
education, etc
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