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Lecture 01

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Michelle Hilscher

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PSYC18 – Lecture 01
Emotions are like patchwork of quilt
Media use emotions such as in genre  where horror genre has fear as its underlying emotion
oCould look at how classic horror vs. modern horror  how it differ & remain the same
oCould look at the even the same type of genre differ b/w different stream such as Disney vs.
Life is Beautiful which look at happiness but in different way
Model of gratification of mass media – we, as human, look for something & have different
motivation to engage w/ media
Prof. Research  1st look at how style of painting impacts our experience of that paiatning
oE.g. The pic w/ one guy looking at the clouds facing backward toward the painter  we
could assume it’s a happy pic or sad/lonely pic
But looking at the bright colour of sky & sun shining --. Maybe could come to conclusion
it’s a happy painting
Emotion & Logical Reasoning  in some situation emotions are energy to make good
History of Emotions
Different questions addressed by Historians
oHave people always felt emotions
oNature of the phenomenon – e.g. feeling of sadness b/w old times vs. modern times OR how
does expression of emotion change as time passes
oExplanations – how these explanation for emotion change across time
To address Q #1: could turn to look at myths & old writings  ask if there are emotions
described in these texts :
oThe Epic of Gilgamesh – a poem that shows lot of different emotions especially of loneliness
& grieve
oThe Iliad – also show emotions - e.g. Rage
oConfucius & Mencius – also shows lot of emotions -  it is about bull that was being
sacrificed & found it was feeling fear, sad and such  so order Lamb to be sacrificed
instead of the bull

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Could turn to look at Greek mythology  The gods represent OR control emotions
oOlympian Gods such as:
 Aries – the God of War
 Athena – God of Wisdom & protect others (attachment)
Dionysus  for music & hedonism / pleasure  emotions & body
Hera - jealousy & pride  socially complex emotions
oZeus in contrast  Orphic Mystery - it promotes non-emotional, cool, rational, logical
It’s all about order
Olympian vs. Orphic Mystery
They hold 2 different way of expression of emotion  which one you followed depend on
oOlympian was followed by the RICH SOCIAL CLASS  they followed the belief that
there is no such thing as after life – thus, be emotional & enjoy themselves to maximum (live
in the present because there is no thing as heaven or such )
 to follow this people must have the means of luxury
oOrphic Mystery was followed by the POOR SOCIAL CLASS  they followed the belief
of after life where you could enjoy pleasure since they had no means of luxurious lifestyle
 thus, had to work now will give you good life & then , you could live good in the after life
Goal is to not feel emotions because this will take you away from living a good life &
will not go to after life
More Generally w/ Pre-scientific populations:
1st : Heart not brain  people thought emotions comes from heart not the brain since it was
much easier to feel changes in the heart rate than neuron firing in brain when you are emotional
oE.g. Anger  feels heart rate increasing, blood pressure increasing, stomach clenching
 etc.  it is much easier to feel bodily changes
2nd : Tendency towards Animism & Anthropomorphism
oAnimism - everything is powered by some phenomena & spirits underlies  easy to
explain natural disaster by saying things such as it is a punishment from Apollo
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