lecture 2

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Published on 22 Jun 2011
Lecture 02: Emotion
Plato: 3 parts to the soul:
1.reason: abstract thinking: cognition thinking: located in the head: trapped inside the
head: moral treatment that he gives to the soul , this lives even when rest of the
body dies
2.passion: motivation: urges us to do things: source of complex emotions: in the chest:
passion is involved in courage
3.appetite: most immoral part of the soul: affection: located in the belly: part of the
soul that urges you to eat and want sex
-Implications for education: youre born with a knowledge face: all you need is
education, education should be about reasoning and abstract thinking
-Sensory info: doxa
-Sensory information is not useful because it could change so we should rely on
abstract reasoning, so he says not to focus on sensory knowledge
-3 psyches:
-Sensitive animal psyche is able to allow sensation and emotion, pleasure and pain
-It can allow reproduction
-It also allows abstract reasoning
-Allows individual to engage in complex memory recall
-Sensitive psyche is where you find basic sense of emotions
-Animals can feel pain and pleasure but not complex enough to rationalize
-View on education: we are not born with any knowledge: tabula rasa: we are blank
slate: knowledge changes across time, you need sensory information because they
can help you about yourself and other
-Nature of emotional experience: they interact with thinking: they depend on
evaluation this is what gives feelings, cognition leads to emotion, the emotion is your
own doing, holding that person to your own set of standards so the judgment you
make is your own producing : emotions are what you think about the world, we are
responsible for our beliefs, so we are responsible for our emotion
-Rhetoric: persuasive persona:
1.Act like a good person
2.Make your argument seem honest
3.Evoke emotions
-If you want to persuade someone, you need to get to know them a little bit and get
an emotion to prove what they truly are in life , try to figure out who the person is
and try to fit an emotion with them
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