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Lecture 5

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Michelle Hilscher

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PSYC18 t 5
Does feedback from the face shape how we feel?
- Allport - Cues from our face help us know what we are feeling
- Tomkins t the face is important but not just negative emotions
o All about the face
o }v[o]À]v^µ(o]]vZ}uZ_
o Only the face shows our emotions
The face is the place for emotion (Tomkins)
- Newborns
o Parents tickle their cheeks and baby laughs t indicative that the face is more responsive
to stimulation
- Development of head movement, visual fixations, eye-hand coordination
o These develop before they sit up or walk around
o Development in head and face first
- Afferent-efferent channels
o More Between the face and the brain than for body parts and the brain
- Facial muscles, resistance to habituation
o People have instinctual responses (e.g. close eyes when ball thrown at you)
o Harder to prevent these responses than other bodily responses (e.g. not flinch when
getting an injection)
- Face is centre of expression
- Muscles in our face shape/cause what we feel
Ekman and Friesen
- Muscles in our (}v[µu}]}vµ}vZoµ}}uuµv]Z}ÁÁ(o
- High sending capacity t ability to transmit a lot of information very quickly
- Anatomical independence
o Brows and forehead can express different emotions than lips
- Low transmission time
o Facial displays evolve drastically and very quickly
o Micro momentary affect displays are permitted
o Face can change shape very quickly
Does expression represent actual emotion?
Schachter and wheeler
- Participants either given a shot of:
o epinephrine (adrenaline) t laugh more
o Chlorpromazine t laugh less
o Placebo
- Epinephrine laughed more but did not rate it more funny
Cupchik and leventhal
- Measured how much people are laughing and how they rate the funniness
- Listening to canned laughter boosts the laughter participants expressed
- &}uvUoµPZ]vPu}}v[uvZÇ(}µv]u}vvÇ
- But for women, if they laughed more, they found it funnier
o Women felt obliged to rate it funnier in the 70s?
o Women found the cartoons funnier?
o Women impacted by the canned laughter more?
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