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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Michelle Hilscher

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PSYC18 t 7
But no need to know names of researchers of studies/experiments
Just need to know what each study is about
Polarity of emotion and reason:
- People think if u feel u}]}vUÇ}µ[v}Z]vl]vP]}vooÇ
- /(µ[]}vovul]vPo}P]o]]}vUZvµuµv}(ou}]}v
- Can only be either emotional or rational
Lecture 1
- Thinks emotions come from the brain not the heart
o But thinks the brain itself can be influenced by the body through the balance of
o Imbalance of humours can cause you to be mentally and physically ill
o Unmotivated t too much phlegm
o Melancholic t too much black bile
o Irascible t too much yellow bile
- Different body parts relate to different expressions of emotions
o E.g. lungs active when you are angry
Lecture 2
Plato and Aristotle completely different when it comes to education
- 3 parts to the soul: reason, passion, appetite
o Reasoning part is ideal
Is the part of the soul that lives on even as the body dies
o Passion and appetite are not ideal
They are part of the body and thus are corrupt
- Forms is another word for episteme or general knowledge
o Our reasoning soul carries our knowledge we have from our previous life
o Education reawakes what we already know from our previous life
o Sensory information is a waste of time that is corrupt and incorrect
It will only mislead you and distract you
You should only think so that rational thinking will reawaken your form
o There is no point in observing what is happening in this life, or e.g. listening to music
because sensory information only
- Instead of the soul, he calls it the psyche: nutritive, sensitive, rational
o Nutritive psyche of plants
o sensitive psyche of animals is only emotional and not rational
It is wild and has no control
What sets humans apart from animals is the rational psyche
- Scala naturae
o Reason is more complex than emotion
Emotion starts with animals but reasoning only starts with humans
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