Lecture notes for lecture 3

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16 Feb 2011
Lecture 3
Goethe criticized problems in science
-He thought that scholasticism(not challenging what you learn; accepting everything
taught as fact) limits scientific content and methodology
-Finds that science is too static and stuck so change is necessary; By changing
methodology and content you contribute to developing new sciences and
technologies(which is a good thing)
-Goethe finds that science is too preoccupied by theor y and ignores the phenomena; it
should be the other way around
oPhenomena(micro) should be the top of the hierarchy with theory(macro) at the
bottom; with phenomena as the real subject of inquiry you can obtain much more
knowledge- theor y limits you to the walls of what it covers.
oAvoid the macro
To do this you need to make thorough observations(multi-dependent
variables, a team with multiple disciplines as backg rounds-physics,
biology, psychology and environmental workers all looking at the same
thing- and multiple methods)
Types of research
-Quantitative research is operative and numerical(and considered moreobjective”)
-Qualitative research is focused on the interpretations of individuals in interviews, groups
etc; (and is considered more inductive and thus less scientific)
oThis is controversial Should psychologists use qualit ative research? Its not
entirely objective(as the people they study may not have the perceptions that the
general population does).
oShould people use Quantitative research? Its not entirely unbiased(previously set
up; expects each person as a number... what do those numbers mean? The
meaning of the measures are deducted by a person w ho is just as infallible as you
or I)
oWilhelm Wundt believes qualitative and quantitative are necessary. He believes
there are two types of psychology:
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