Lecture 1 notes

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16 Feb 2011
Lecture 1January 13, 2011
How do people perceive emotions?
-The everyday person t hinks about how t hey can express or inhibit their emotions
-Clinical Psychologists help people deal with unconscious and repressed emotions and in
general how to deal with events that cause emotions
-Research Psychologists contemplate how emotions can be an individual phenomena while
also being a part of bodily processes and thought processes
oEmotion as a distinctive experience while also being cognitive and biological
Worlds and Themes
-Eigenwelt The personal, pr ivate world(Your own personalself’ world)
-Mitwelt The s ocial world (This world involves others, and how you relate to them)
-Umwelt Organic/Physical World (The environment around you)
oLudwig Binswanger coined the termThrowness’ for t he feeling of being thrown
into these worlds
This is part of existential phenomenology(how we exist)
-There are two life themes
oAdaptation refers to getting used to and striving in an environment; if you dont
adapt then you wont last long(eg; moving to another country)
oMeaning Looking for meaning in the world; how things work, why things
happen, what do things mean?
Sometimes themes work together (eg; a new immigrant must adapt but
doesnt know why t hey are having trouble doing so. So, they look for
meaning in their world. Understanding gives the m the ability to adapt
Episodes and Narratives
-Life episodes are events that occur to the self(internally coherent events)
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