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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 Notes

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Gerald Cupchik

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Approaches to understanding emotion Jan 20
One level can be the body level
Within the body, there are many ways you can look at
There are many selves in one body
Illusion of unity, there is many layers in one body
In addition to these multiple selves, we have something coming from
the inside and outside of the body
We can label ourselves
People can see themselves as things/objects
Objects you can not do much changing
Literal viewpoint what you see is what you get (closed process)
Ironic/metaphorical viewpoint see ourselves in context, changing (open
Shifty viewpoints engaged vs. detached
A situation where other people knows better than us
Detached, we have to be able to stand back and observe ourselves
When we are locked in our subjectivity, we cant get out of it
every idea has a good side and a problem side
phenomena, events in the world that occur
people find themselves in situations, situations are where we observe
situations are events people find themselves in with potential outcome that
could be good or bad
Gestalt psychology, we see two sets
Figure is the focus, ground is the noise
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