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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 Notes

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Gerald Cupchik

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C18: Lecture 5
Objectivity is not true
System people apply to analyze the world
Not just here but see it out there
Project your internal into the world
Whose standard are they?
Emotions, feelings, and thought are closely related
Adaptation: challenges in the world out there, and needs we have inside us,
and how its related
e.g. I want to be a doctor, professor, etc
Experience: searching for meaning
e.g. we are bored so we go out to the world
Not mutually exclusive, things are not just opposite of each other
You see yourself as an object and process
You treat yourself as an open-ended system not closed-ended
In order to do search in process you have to know
Acts of noticing: notice something happened
oe.g. you see a friend who is angry, but they are only angry at
certain times
oBe in the subjectivity of your experiences but objectively stand
outside and look at them in context
Apperception: concept in the 19 century which has to do with seeing
things clearly
oCombination of what prof talked about
oVery high state of abstraction
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