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23 Mar 2012

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PSYC18 - Lecture 9 3/22/2012 10:05:00 AM
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Cultural social world is running away. We all come from different cultures which have
different rules.
Natural kind believes real emotion (happy, sad) and experiences are homologous to
Animals experience it.
Instinct should be in this area.
Freud is building bridges between organic and noetic systems.
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Example of hunger: Something goes on organically and manifests itself noetically.
What happen is that emotions are liberated instincts.
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State of need of body prompts behavior.
He takes the model of personal growth and brings flexibility.
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Freud is beginning with the biological model that is found in the animal world and how
the organisms function.
The tension reduction model is an organism function model.
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Instincts are wired in there is no flexibility with it.
Emotions and feelings have a lot more flexibility built in them compared to instincts. This
is an important point.
We are not trapped/burdened/caught in an instinctual world.
Instincts are hard wired and emotions are liberated instincts.
Example: you can have a need, but the nature of the object and situation become very
Unconscious can be seen as where there is a border even within ourselves. You cannot
turn to yourself and look at yourself because there is negativity attached.
You can have urges/ideas that are immiscible because of the society you live in.
Morality of cooperation: rules are social construction and we have negotiating
settlements regarding rules.
Rigid fixed rules (little) vs. rules that are socially constructed (older).
Person who was sexually abused when little buries it.
Unconscious is there to protect us from being overwhelmed from negative emotions.
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We can have repressed ideas made into fantasies.
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