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22 Apr 2012
PSYC18 Lec 5
-Know the columns
- Shift to the self from religion (John locke)
-Really talking about feelings NOT emotions (change it on slide)
-Low arousal = can’t concentrate
-High arousal = too much energy
-Medium = optimal (shows how feelings relate to feelings)
-Guys on action team = focus on the brain
-viseral guys = guts
-Behaviourism and cognitivism = bandwagons with action model
-Emotions exist b/c they have evolutionary adaptation
-Disfuctional when arousal level is too high/low
-early 1900’s looking at psychology and physiology
-INSTINCT = don’t use it anymore (b/c more tied to animals)
-Emotions = feel emotions and then react to them to survive (adaption)
-Gregrario Mariano
-Looking at implication of feeling on arousal (thyroid gland = looking at hypothryoidism)
-79% body vibrates (no emotion), 21% felt emotion (were worried by something = didn’t
feel the viration, just the emotion) = when injected with adredline
-Emotional flux = having emotional expereince
-key: threshold (women more sensitive, menstral cycles)
-Psych motive = people came to lab with situation (e.g. worried about someone’s health
= primed for emotional state)
-Emotion = relationship b/w mind (thoughts) and the body (bodily state)
-Mind = theme, Body =
-Affective imminence = injection sets the stage for the emotion
-Cannon = Won’t ask year
-William james = feedback shaped emotion
-Cannon = straight scientist, used mariano data to fight against James’ idea
-ADVICE when applying to grad school: Simple, clear and precise (don’t give distracting
info, ONLY relavent info)
-Also = Know the people and what they do, of the program you are applying to you
-Know who you are and who they are
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