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Lecture 4

PSYC18H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: John Locke, Gordon Allport, Kurt Lewin

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PSYC18H3 Lecture 4 February 2
Kurt Lewin
- Escaped from Germany and came to America
- Behaviour is a function of a person and the environment
Two modes of scientific thinking
- Aristotelian and Galilean
- Sun and moon goes across the sky, you assume there`s some sort of circular motion, but when
you throw a ball up in the air, it comes straight back down
- There`re different rules within the system of Earth and then the phenomena in the sky
- Aristotelian:
o Everyone has labels attached to them “the practical one, the smart one, the pretty one,
o There is some essential defining property from within
o Teleology: Built into the system that drives the system, person governed by quality
o *Menonite: You are born with a path to heaven or hell
- Galilean:
o Behaviours is governed by the person /and/ the environment
o The situation is fundamental to understanding emotional events
o Everyone’s on the edge of the “faux-pas” when we adopt different viewpoints
Lewin’s Strategy
- Goethe pure phenomena
- Lewin bringing European perspective to America
- If we wanna study something in the lab, the lab must be a recreation of the world out there
- The lab must be a microcosm of the world out there = Ecological Validity (Sociology have gotten
further and further from that)
- E.g. Husband and wife having troubles, if you bring them in the lab, they must recreate real life
situations in order for them to truly study them
- E.g. Anomic Suicide (feeling alienated from the world)
- Psychologists and Sociologists in the 19th Century: real concepts in the world
- The person is in the environment: recreate situations
History of the Word Emotion
- Appetite, anger, fear, etc = All related to pain and pleasure
- Vives: used the word “passions” to represent “being overwhelmed by an emotion”
- E.g. If your bf/gf breaks up with you night before exam, you’re not gonna do well (overhwleming
- Can be intense, disruptive, disorganized and violent
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