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PSYC18H3 Lecture Notes - Verstehen, Wilhelm Dilthey, Natural Science

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Psyc18 Lec 3
Objective vs Subjective knowledge.
2 kinds of people. Thought oriented. and feeling/emotion oriented
feeling is a shadow of cognition.
We cant have thoughts without feelings and emotions without thoughts
Feelings, emotions, thoughts are all inter-related.
What kind of rules govern mental activity and bodily activity?
Mechanisms- bodily
Adaptation is about action takes us to a biological foundation.
Evolutionary influence. we evolve depending on needs.
Stimulus Emphasis vigilant. Know what stimulus are present.
Appraisal Right or wrong? After acquiring the stimulus
Evaluation good or bad for me?
Features specifics
Matching match them against a list.
Self terminating terminate the search when we find what we need.
Search for meaning.-
We have a reaction it brings up memories of the past.
The difference in searching for a meaning is that we are automatically moved. We do
not try to think of it. Like adaptation.
Gestalt whole situation
Closure end something.
Exhaustive complete
Behaviorists - adaptation
Freudian tradition search for meaning
National history involves observation, precedes experimental science
Naturwissenschaft physical, search for laws. Left column of action
Geistwissenschaft meaning and science
Goethe scientific scholasticism
A sect. vorstellungsarten bring objects into relationship
Geothe deals with viewpoints.
The difference in sciences were not specialized
For Goethe theories tend to break thigns down into little pieces.
Genetic model how ideas change over time. Always look at phenomena on a whole.
Let things speak for themselves.
We being with phenomenon- theory comes from the understanding of the
Goethe the experience of color, it depends on each situation.
A fact means that we both agree something occurred.
Gestalt the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
Wilhelm Dilthey on the right side of the table experience is a structured whole.
Natural science. cause and effect
Verstehen empathy (understanding the life world)