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18 Apr 2012

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March 15, 2012 PSYC23-Lecture 9
*Refer to the slides for extra information~
- When one is stressed out, their immune system gets “weird” and the person might get
- Sympathetic Adrenal medula : SAM- is like pressing a button, to release
- HPA axis has no neural connection so very slow
Stress response: sex hormones decrease
- physiology responds accordingly
Physiological changes in stress response
- physiological systems enhance memory
Chronic stress: anxiety shift to depression
-Voodoo Death: fear so much that they die
- Brain regulation of heart- there are two distinct vagal nuclei that
regulates vagal fibres
1. Dorsal vagal nuclei: old part of brain ( if activated then voodoo death)
-a surge of parasympathetic activity
2. Ventral vagus or Nucleus Ambiguous
Porges’s Polyvagal theory:
- polyvagal: multi- brain stem
- vagal nerve activates parasympathetic system
- a bundle of nerves that activate all parasympathetic systems
-everything organized by evolutionary past
- newer nuclei used when not really threatened
- everything you do, uses this newer brain stem nuclei
- after awhile, if things get out of hand, then you have to use the HPA, if
not then….use the Dorsal
- Dorsal= when really, really stressed out
- Away of coping with stress is similar to how older species coped with stress ( HPA/
- continuity in ways we deal with stressors across all species
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