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22 Apr 2012

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PSYC23H3S Lecture 1 01-12-12
The problems
o SES Health Gradient
The last 20 years, no matter what city, there are tremendous individual
Point is average
Let’s say we want to know what’s going within Toronto and you can find some
support for this; you can find that if you’re from the Annex, you’re sitting pretty
well here. If you’re in somewhere in Toronto that’s not doing so well, you’ll be
at the top of the chart. (Off-diagonals this represents plasticity of human
condition, clusters of social factors that allows you to transcend the granddaddy
of the whole SES gradient
Relational community in this medial area between nations and cities and
families, you can have some positive factors that change the picture.
Initial Questions 1
o Relationship between biology and psychology?
We want to know how stress gets under our skin; what are the relationships for
Does the gene really determine all aspects of development
Initial Questions 2
o What things are helping us alleviate stress?
o What aspects of those relationships drive stress?
Initial Questions 3
Stress and Parenting
o How do we learn to regulate stress?
Ideas and theories have moved well beyond attachment theory that we’ll be
learning about. They all pivot on the fundamental way that stress becomes
internalized and serves the internal processes
Example: Apes picture; jousted; everyone is disrupted. When you perturb these
social relations you can obviously see huge fluctuations in stresses. Attachment
theory provides us with evolutionary framework for saying that proximity
seeking is a fundamental principle or mechanism that all these creatures display.
We’ve moved to mental representations in our minds.
John Bowlby (1907-1990)
o He was a psychiatrist
o In training in psychoanalytic institute in Britain
o He was scheming of how to prove them wrong. The pet issue on the table then was that
the real world experiences did not matter. How the mother treats the little monkey
doesn’t matter, it’s the offspring’s fantasies that matter.
Niko Tinbergen (1907-1988)
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