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Lecture 11

PSYC35H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Psychotherapy, Gabapentin, Therapeutic Index

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Group Therapy
-Role of group therapy is supportive or confrontational or both
oTyp. individuals when we talk about ppl who have neuropathology
oConfrontational depends on style of person organizing it and gets ppl to confront their issues and address
change within themselves so their expectations are moderated
-Ind with similar central nervous system difficulties
-Open versus closed
oOpen anyone is welcome, gives chance for family and friends to experience what others are going
oMost work gets done in closed settings with other patients
oDeal with difficulties that are shared
oAddress of minority of ind needs
-Ethical issues
oConfidentiality – in grp therapy difficult to control; ethics built into protocol; script is said at beginning what
you hear stays here
oSocialization and fragmentation
Can have groups of ppl that cluster together after the meeting and form subgroups and takes
away from forming conformity and allowing everyone to have their own opinions
Ind may start forming relationships within grp therapy, affects dynamic
Doesn’t necessarily start on healthy grounds
-GT is more effective than no therapy
oProblem with GT research is that it is difficult to isolate the elements that show change
Group Therapy Modalities
oEmploys 4 phases of psychoanalysis + social dimension
oActing out emotionally significant scenes
oGet everyone participating in acting out scenes that happened after their neuropsych trauma
oFacilitate individuals bring their feelings into awareness
oExploring what individuals are not aware of
oExistential approach
oUse psychodrama
oAssessment and modification of behaviours/thoughts
oScientifically grounded to try and get people to change their thoughts and behaviours
oTherapist will target on specific thought and get them to try and change it, one way is to get them to
engage in thought experiment
-When ppl experience a neurological injury what they were able to do before and what they can’t do not causes
Psychotropic Medication
-An substance which we have ingested that has an impact on psychological experience, can manifest it-self
behaviourally but more importantly is that it has a change on subjective experiences
-In some countries a psychologist is trained sufficient to prescribe medications
oMost of these drugs affect one or more of the neurotransmitter systems in one or more ways
Pharmocokineticks – the study of hwo drugs move through the body
-Orally, sub-dermal
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