PSYC37 – Lecture 4.docx

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20 Apr 2012
PSYC37 Lecture 4
- medical/psychiatric history
o medications [dosages] >
- family history
- education
- occupational background
- current complaints
- informed consent
o limits to confidentiality
- motor problems/gait disturbances/tremors/level of deterioration /stooped
o When motor disturbances began
Alcohol Dependence
1st stage:
- strong desire
2nd stage:
- tolerance
- withdrawal
- relief drinking
3rd stage:
- abstinence
- reinstatement
- partial denial
- rationalization as a defence
- stereotyped drinking pattern
- narrowed repertoire
- primacy
- withdrawal symptoms
o physical > ie. seizures
o psychological > ie. depression
o relief = further use
- relief drinking
- early increased tolerance
- late decreased tolerance
- reinstatement
- structured VS unstructured interview
- crisis interview*
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