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PSYC39 Lecture 1

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David Nussbaum

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PSYC39 Lecture 01
September 12, 2011
Four Requirements of a Science
-govern physical universe; primary goal of a scientist to discover these phemone
-higher order variables are defined in relation to lower order variables in a th
-nominally different sciences; but we are really talking about one order to tran
scend one specific science
-empirical test requirement makes psych differ from philosophy
Candidate science has reductionistic language for defining and ultimately explai
ning phenomena: Illustration
-higher order constructs are defined in terms of precise relationships between l
ower order constructs
Does Psychology Satisfy These Criteria for a Science?
Unfortunate Consequences of Behaviour Defined as: Externally Observed Actions of
the Oragnism: I
-circularity problem happens when you only define problems descriptively; not de
fined at different levels
-confuses an abstract term with an explanation
Proposed Solution: A Re-Definition of Behaviour
-behaviour shouldn't be defined upward away from the brain but as a function of
the brain
-expressed information -> behaviour
Implications 5: Forensics
-neurofeedback -> when anomly is detected in brain via biofeedback, try to "rese
t" brain waves back to normal
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