PSYC39H3 Lecture Notes - Ibm Officevision, Master Sergeant, Criminology

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How to we change criminal behaviour $ 64 000 qs in criminal justice system. 2) punishment vs. rehabilitative approaches in western punishment is incarceration v. 3) importance of empirical research to inform responses & programming the overview that whatever approach is going to employ to limit criminal behaviour has to be empirically evaluated to keep doing it or not. Least from canadian perspective section 718 of the criminal code says: 1) respect for law & maintenance of a just, peaceful, safe society so if people were to commit crime & no consequence (in greece o canada. Vancouver) think why can"t i do whatever i like because there is no consequence deamination or lack of respect for law & result in likelihood of having peaceful society is diminished: 2) denunciation of unlawful conduct. Sentencing sent a clear message that unlawful conduct is not okay (so it"s criticized: 3) removal of offenders from society.