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20 Apr 2012
Types of memory: Declarative LTM
Automatic component- equivalent to autobiographical memory
Semantic memory- knowledge
Pyramids and Pomp tree test- select a picture of the tree that goes with pyramid- in order to do
this test you have to have intact semantic memory
Episodic- which one did you see before- what happened before in time
Picture naming
Picture to action/sound matching
Cued recall- you give hints
Free recall- you don’t give tests
Repeat a story and draw the picture with as many details
Not available for consciousness
Procedural learning- becomes automatic e.g. bicycle
Mirror drawing- draw picture by looking at the mirror- everything is switched over
Perceptual priming- certain type of info is primed- show a list of words- next give stem and ask
to complete the word
Classical conditioning- rabbit associate condition stimulus with eye blink- an example of non-
declarative memory- automatic learning response
Non associative learning
Habituation- present a stimulus many times- the subject doesn’t respond
Sensitization- continuously repeats something, response increases. E.g. somatic
response, paid or sensation
Taxanomy- how does the process each of these memories
Patient H.M- medial temporal lobe was removed
Hippocampus- sitting next to parahippocampal gyrus- divided into antirhinal and
perirhinal cortex
Removal of bilateral medial temporal lobe
Result of the surgery- global amnesia- anterograde and retrograde amnesia was present
They argued all other cognitive processes were intact- non-declarative (motor learning,
mirror-learning) and perception and language were also intact
MTL is important for declarative LTM memory
MTL- exclusive declarative LTM memory- only essential for LTM
No distinction of function- all the parts of MTL carry out the same process within
declarative LTM memory
Support for- MTL is important for declarative LTM
If you damage MTL- you can get one of these type of memory deficits or both
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