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PSYC26 Lecture Notes - Prentice Hall, Developmental Psychology, Experimental Psychology

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Mark Schmuckler

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PSYC26H3 S Summer 2011
Developmental Psychology Laboratory
Instructor: Mark A. Schmuckler
Office: S-515
Office Hours: Thursday, 1:30 ± 2:30 PM, or by appointment
Class Website:
Course Hours: Tuesday, 1:00 ± 3:00 PM
Course Location: IC 326
Teaching Assistant: Diane Mangalindan
Office: H-302E
Office Hours: Tuesday, 11:00 ± 12:00 PM, or by appointment
Text: Miller, S.A. (1987). Developmental research methods, 3rd Edition. Englewood Cliffs, NJ:
Prentice Hall, Inc.
Overview of Course
The purpose of PSYC26 is to acquaint you with research in psychology in general, and
with the methodology of developmental psychology in particular. You will do this in part by
writing, but primarily by collecting data and by writing reports describing your research. The
course is demanding, but it should also be enjoyable. Formulating research questions, collecting
and analysing data, and writing and interpreting your results are among the most exciting parts of
experimental psychology. Developmental psychology focuses on the process of change within
and across the difference phases of the life-span. Reflecting the broad range of topics in this area,
there are diverse research methods. This course will cover a representative sample of some of
these approaches, as well as consider issues in research design as it relates to developmental
Course Requirements
There are several course requirements. First, there are a series of short assignments that
you must complete. The length of these projects, and what they entail, will be discussed later in
class. You will also be required to actually conduct an observational coding experiment in child
development (making use of the day care facility at Scarborough), and to write an experimental
report for this experiment. Finally, in addition to collecting data and writing a report, there is a
textbook to be learned, as well as lecture material to be mastered. You will be expected to know
this material, and to demonstrate your knowledge in the form of a midterm and final exam. Each
of these exams will cover approximately half of the book. A rough outline of the lecture topics,
as well as the due dates and relative weighting of these assignments, is given below.
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