PSYD33H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Informed Consent, Fluoxetine, Statistical Power

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30 Jan 2013

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Give a placebo bec. It deals with the notion that you’re controlling the fact is given something
Psychological mental things that one respond to placebo
Expectation that giving a drug and respond to that expectation that symptoms ging to be releved or not
Open label clinical trial get Prozac, x number of mg. placebo know you’re gonna get
Unethical from group that withholding
Tri council guidelines agencies for physical,social biological, natural science research
- Prohibits use of placebo trials if know treatments are present
Paper: tricouncil guidelines and find the exceptions and incorporate in treatment
Psychiatrist or physician have many treatments as you can in your disposal
Open label placebo
Fluoxitine Prozac phizer their trial big put many people in Prozac trial only way to got in placebo
group and when try to replicate they couldn’t replicate - so need placebo trial so ironic bec. Tri council
prohibit this
More subjects more statistical power higher probability that detect small diff. in groups massive but
many people respond in placebo
Placebo response as high as 40% - less depressed sub threshold than when they started
Separation bet. Placebo group some people sometimes respond to placebo
Do you think get same results - open label know what they’re getting
Why is that more ethical?
Mild moderate dep. Placebo respond well to open label and treatment and replicate then placebo get
same as placebo
Harder to show change when moderate bec. Not much room to change
Validate the efficacy of a drug
Need placebo to be approved by DFA
Less side effects
Cheaper cost money bec. Placebo study requires less subjects
Processes to misuse the use of placebos
Help identify false disorders people faking
Effect as been proven psychological factors
When no other treatment is available placebo
Eliminates bias is a truer effect og therapeutic effect
If we don’t have a standardized treatment
Better comparison placebo can control treatment drug
Treatment eventually given to placebo group
Informed consent given
Less exposure to ineffective treatments
Not everthing has a control group
Current drug are ineffective .people dnt respond
Larger samples more money for drug companies consumer not eat and not use this treatment
Few suffers pleacebo in end collectivist vs. individualistic perspective
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