PSYD50H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Episodic Memory, Threshold Graph, False Alarm

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26 Sep 2016

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Lecture 3 – Recollection and Familiarity I
Episodic memory processes
E.g. if you see someone you know, you can recognize them and you remember what you did with them – this is
episodic memory
E.g. if you recognize the face but it’s out of context, then it is familiarity
Recollected memory: slower, more controlled and more effort to recall
Important for theoretical perspective and its impact in the real world
oPatients w/ brain damage have problems with recollective memory, but familiarity remains intact
Measuring recollection & familiarity
Recall test:
oShow series of words and ask them if they can recognize it (Yes or no response) – ask them to make sure
that they are focusing and concentrating on the list of items
oThen you give them a delay, without a chance for them to rehearse the information
oRecall task – produce as many words as you can. Higher recall = better results
Recognition test
oSame as recall, but the difference is that you mix in some new items when you present them the items
Pros: easy to administer
Cons: do not measure familiarity; lacking sensitivity: if subtle memory problem, then these tests are not good.
They only good at detecting problems that are sever
Remember and Knowing
oShow series of stimuli, then you give them a question to make sure the y are focusing
oInset delay (distractions)
oThen show them old scenes mixed them into new scenes, then for each item, you ask “if this is item new
or old?”
oIf response is old, then you ask “do you recollect this item or do you simply know you’ve seen it?”
Some researchers argue that this test does not measure remember or know, but only how
aware you are
Remember and know responses are not qualitatively different
Response for familiar responses should be faster
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find more resources at
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