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Lecture 4

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Jennifer Gutsell

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Lecture 4  Perception: automatically activate subjects representation of state Action: automatically primates  PAM neuroscience support, behavioral data, evolutionary support (ultimate vs. proximate)  Ultimate base of empathy:  Cost benefit analysis  1) Interdependence: o Children motivated to help for objects distress o Reconciliation in primates more likely between kin and friends  1) Interdependence: o Chimps: male alliances important for intra and inter group conflict o Group living “the more eyes” o Social facilitation  1) Interdependence: o Mother-offspring bond o Maternally separated rat pups show reduced growth hormone level o Human infant of depress mom have reduced left hemi activation o Harlow’s monkey: socially retarded. Isolated and didn’t have bond with mother.  Mother-offspring bond: o Emotion regulation o Environment o Actions by offspring to request care: smiling and crying  2) Ability to help o Humans more likely to help when level of need of object is higher  Inclusive fitness increases in yours and kin’s reproductive value  2 types of social interaction: o Life or death o Biologically trivial  Study examines: relatedness, age, state of health, wealth, sex, environment.  Tendency to help females more than males until 75 years when you help makes because they can still reproduce.  Wealth Help brother in life or death situation whether poor or rich. But with cousin vs. nephew,
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