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Karen Dion

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Milar-The first generation of women psychologists and the psychology of women • Vassar college- first 4 year college for women • Women were educated due to notion of republican motherhood- the idea that better educated women would make better wives/mother • American Psychology was functionally oriented toward studying development, especially with individuals diferences Joseph Jastrow • Made women/men writes a list of words • Concluded that men produced lists that were more variable • Consistent with the beliefs that men were more variable in both physical and mental characteristics • Greater variability was seen as positive- mechanism for progress Mary Calkins • Disputed Josephs claims, ran the same study, did not find the same results Helen Bradford Thompson • First person to do an Extensive/systematic experiment examination of the psychological characteristics of the sexes • Motor ability/intellect/sensation/affect were examined • Psych differences of sex are due to social influences Stanely Hall • Appropriate role for women are wife • Agreed with Edward Clarke, higher education would jeopordize reproductive capacity • Hall used data gathered by shinn to prove education for women is bad • women who were educated lower marriage rates BUT ◦ These women
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