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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

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Consciousness NotesConsciousness is a persons subjective experience of the world and the mind Conscious and Unconscious Psychologists hope to understand phenomenology how things seem to the unconscious person in their understanding of the mind and behaviour The Problem of Other MindsThe problem of the minds the fundamental difficulty we have to perceiving the consciousness of othersWe lack the ability to directly perceive the consciousness of othersThere is no way you can tell if another persons experience of anything is at all like yoursTwo dimensions of mind perception People judge minds according to the capacity of experience and the capacity for agency selfcontrolThe MindBody PerceptionMindbody problem this issue of how the mind is related to the bodyRene Descartes suggested that the mind has its effects on the brain and the body through the pineal glandMany psychologists think that the mental events are tied to the brain events such as thoughts and perceptionThe brains activities precede the activities of the conscious mindThe brain is getting started before either the thinking or the doing preparing the way for both thought and actionNature of ConsciousnessConsciousness has four basic properties unity selectivity transience and intentionality Four
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