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Social Psychology 4Ce AronsonWilsonAkertFehr Chapter 1 Introduction to Social PsychologyCh 101The task of the psychologist is toAexplore the unconsciousBunderstand and predict behaviourCexplain physiological functioningDunderstand the impact of economic factorsEpredict future eventsAnswer BType MCPage Ref 13Skill FactualCh 102Social psychology is defined as the scientific study of the way peoplesare influenced by thepresence of other peopleAthoughts and feelingsreal or imaginedBthoughts feelings and behaviourreal or imaginedCbehavioursrealDbehaviours imaginedEthoughts and behaviourimaginedAnswer BType MCPage Ref 6Skill FactualCh 103Which of the following is an example of social influenceAYou didnt do well on the test because you stayed up all night crammingBYou feel guilty because you persuaded your professor to raise your grade on an examCYou almost fell asleep at the wheel so you pull off the road to take a short napDYou decide to postpone work because you like to sleep inEWhen you get hungry you have trouble concentratingAnswer BType MCPage Ref 6Skill ConceptualCh 104Which of the following is an example of a direct persuasion attemptARamona works hard in school to make her mother proudBJason moves from Calgary to PEI and picks up a Maritimes accentCGarin watches a romantic comedy to make his girlfriend happyDMarianne thinks of her exboyfriend and becomes sadEA bully threatens Billy and steals his lunch moneyAnswer EType MCPage Ref 6Skill AppliedCh 105Not all social influence is direct or deliberate Which of the following is the best example of more indirect or subtle social influenceAA political candidate delivers a speech to convince voters that she is not really liberalBA parent disciplines his child by taking away her favorite toyCYour friends try to persuade you to do something you dont really want to doDAn advertising campaign is launched to promote a new soft drinkEA student is exposed to new ideas in his courses and rethinks his original attitudesAnswer EType MCPage Ref 6Skill Conceptual1Copyright2010 Pearson Education CanadaCh 106From across the room JT sees his mother sigh and he approaches to give her a hug in the hopes of cheering her up In this case JTs behaviour is an example ofsocial influence attemptAan unintendedBa directCan ineffectiveDa covertEan indirectAnswer BType MCPage Ref 6Skill AppliedCh 107What is the general topic of most interest to social psychologistsAInterpersonal relationshipsBSocial influenceCAntisocial behavioursDPersonalityEAttitudes and beliefsAnswer BType MCPage Ref 6Skill FactualCh 108The word construal refers toAthe way in which people perceive comprehend and interpret the social worldBinformation provided by other peopleCimagined eventsDsocial normsEobjective realityAnswer AType MCPage Ref 67Skill FactualCh 109Jeremy is in love with Carol and views her temper as an endearing example of her feistiness Her coworkers however interpret Carols temper as rude and insensitive This example illustrates the power of love to influence ourAconstrualsBbehavioursCrelationshipsDpersonalityEinfluence attemptsAnswer AType MCPage Ref 67Skill AppliedCh 110Which of the following is the best example of a construalAWhether or not a woman decides to marryBResults of a political pollCThe average age of people who vote for Liberal candidatesDThe number of people in the audience of The Jerry Springer ShowEThe aggressiveness of girls versus boysAnswer EType MCPage Ref 67Skill ConceptualCh 111Karen returns home from her first year of college and is very proud of her firstyear GPA She earned a 30 B average Shes unhappily surprised to discover 2Copyright2010 Pearson Education Canada
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