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PSYA01- Wednesday September 12 2012 th Lecture # 1- PSCY without a soul Why is psychology so young? -Very complex science - We are angles. Everything around us is material, but we have a soul, a spirit - We are different (spiritual world) - Things that are non-spiritual behave in accordance to physical laws - By testing the laws of nature, we can predict what will happen -Souls are spiritual entity; it does not have to conform to physical law - Science was not tested on humans, so how do we have psychology now ? 4 element example; Earth, water, air, fire - Parts of the element stick to one another - Animism – suggesting something has a soul Magic Example - If you understand something it isn’t magic anymore - How much of our giving ourselves a soul, is really a reflection of not understand our behavior - Does intelligence disappear if you understand it ? *William James Rene Descartes - Moving statue; hydraulics - It is possible for things to move, have intention but we know that it isn’t alive - Animals have no soul, they are machines, their movement, reactions, and intentions - People wanted to test this, started cutting animals - Cut the vocal cords, so you wont hear the pain from the animals being tested - Cartesian dualism, we are 2 things (duel nature) Pert material part spiritual - We are partly machines, hydraulic machines - Our bodies (material) are very mechanistic, but the body is ultimately controlled by a soul - Which means you are still responsible for your actions - Some of us is material, so should apply to physical nature and should be tested - People started testing this by cutting open dead bodies (the soul has left) - Opened up the scientific investigation of humans John Locke - He said I think even the human mind is a machine, don’t just stop at the body - The whole human bo
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