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Lecture 1.3 Science and therapy Psychologies Recent Past From slide - Why did scientifically minded psychologists hate Freud so much? It’s all about the lack of testable theories … For clinicians the question often is … does the client feel better? For scientists it is … do you have a theory that leads to predictions we can test - Freud widened what psychology was about - But still a very heavy importance in the scientific aspect - Suggested a very different kind of psychology - Psychologists in Freud’s time would see patients, were philosophers of a different kind, the patients presented evidence, would think about the evidence, come up with theories, and treat them based on the theories. These theories were more science fiction than science. Freud suggested could not be scientifically tested. - Evidence of oppression mechanism? No it cannot be tested Freud would say “ I’m on the right track, when I treat my clients they tell me they feel better, making my patient better” - But some claim that anyone would say yes because they feel stupid saying “ no its not working” - Need empirical data - Ex. Science and religion, where religion is a bunch of theories. Not in religion lend itself to scientific investigation - That’s why so many were opposed to Freud’s approach said it was more philosophical rather than psychology - Freud came out talking about sexual issues how did they react? The European Reaction - Retreat reaction – Gestalt Psychology: trying to understand the laws underlying our amazing ability to acquire and maintain stable precepts in a noisy world - Sometimes the wholes is more than the sum of its parts - Example of teams and individual player being great but have trouble playing as a team - What we perceive in our mind is more than what’s actually out there in the world, we create a magic of sort - We something that actually isn’t there. Perceptual system is doing all kinds of thing to us - Also “humanistic psychology” was born largely as a direct counter-response to Freud’s … focusing on the positive aspects of humanity. - Many people were offended, b/c of Freud’s theory implication of humanity became a hallmark of sex and aggression - Humanist said humans are much more than that; decide to study things that make humans positive. “Pro social behaviors”, anything that strengthens a social bond, empathy, helping someone, helps a community at large. North American Reaction - Behaviourism … - Ivan Pavlov 1849-1936 - John B Watson 1878-1958 - B.F. Skinner 1904-1990 Shunned all discussion of any psychological concept that could not be directly and objectively measu
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