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University of Toronto Scarborough
Steve Joordens

CHMA11H3Y – PRA04- Tutorial 1- 05/18/2011 Name: ________________________ Short Answer Questions: 1. List the 5 differences between sigma and pi bonds. Sigma bonds (σ) Pi bond (π) 2. What is the difference between conformation and isomers? 3. What is the order of repulsion between electron pairs? 4. Differentiate between intramolecular (bonding) forces and intermolecular forces. List the intermolecular forces from weakest to strongest. 5. Using VSPER theory, determine the appropriate electron geometry, molecular geometry and bond hybrization for each molecule below. Lone electron pairs are not included. CHMA11H3Y – PRA04- Tutorial 1- 05/18/2011 Name: ________________________ - Formula: ICl 4 6. Nancy determines that XeF has 2n electron group geometry that is trigonal bipyramidal and consists of three electron pairs. She concluded that the bond angle that exists between fluorinexenon- fluorine would probably be 120º. Nancy was wrong. What part of her logic is inconsistent with VSEPR theory? 7. Categorize the following as either polar or non-polar: SF 6 H 2 2 C 2 4 Cl3CCH 3 PCl 5 CH 2l 2 NH .3 8. Which of the following substances would you expect to have the highest boiling point: C 3 8 CO ,2CH CN3 Explain. CHMA11H3Y – PRA04- Tutorial 1- 05/18/2011 Name: ________________________ Textbook Questions: Chapter 10: 93. Bromine can form compounds or ions with any number of fluorine atoms from one to five. Write the formulas of all five of these species, assign a hybridization and describe their electron and molecular geometry. + - 103. The species NO , N2 , NO2, in wh2ch N is the central atom, have very different bond angles. Predict what these bond
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