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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 Notes PsyA01 Sept 11 2013.pdf

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Steve Joordens

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) - controversial in the world of psychologists - some think he's a hero while some psychologists think that he was the worst thing that ever happened to psychology. - up to Freud's point, psychology has been studied scientifically - Freud was a physician who specialized on nerve disorders. He became interested on disorders with weird symptoms - one moment they're happy, next thing you know they're going hysterical. He then applied the term "psychological illness." - Freud's claim: a man is away on a business trip and comes home to see his wife having an affair with another man. According to Freud, since this man doesn't want his life to shatter, in a split second, he becomes blind. He suddenly gains all the symptomatology of blindness and this happens because his unconsciousness wants to protect his consciousness. The man would then tell his doctor that as he came home, he opened his room and then he suddenly went blind. Physically, the man was healthy. - He then concluded that maybe the mind can produce symptoms and scenarios from internal psychological conflicts. - Freud then thought about a therapeutic way to deal with this problem: find the underlying cause of the illness, then tell the patient what happened. This is similar to a sexual abuse experience: the person might forget what actually happened in order to protect his/her consciousness from something that he/she might not be able to deal with. - Scientists were approached by Freud's theories and they thought that they cannot prove it because you can't test it. Scientists then say that this cannot be a part of "their" science. - After this, psychology splintered into two categories: the clinical psychology and the scientific psychology. CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY - there's something wrong with someone and you want to "cure" them. SCIENTIFIC PSYCHOLOGY - study of the normal human mind - Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), almost during the world war era: meaning psychology is still very young. - Why is Freud very controversial? His theories are mostly related to sexuality and aggression. Why did he think like this? - What drives us? We are motivated to do something. - If we're hungry, we're "motivated" to stand up and eat. These simple drives are easily satisfied whereas sex and aggression are very
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