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Lecture 9

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Steve Joordens

Lecture 9 Continuation from previous lecture  Neuron either born as excitatory or inhibitory  Neuron's don't touch each other o Signals that are sent are sent through the synaptic cleft (gap between neurons)  Synapse o When action potential reaches end of an axon, the vesicle releases neurotransmitters and on the other axon there are receptors that are keyed to certain structures (shapes)  Like a lock and a key o This builds a signal which has been sent from the sending neuron to the receiving neuron  Dopamine: Neurotransmitter making you feel good, energetic -> Cocaine does something to the system that regulates Dopamine  Dopamine gets released, but the start neuron's re-uptake transporters are blocked by the cocaine so the receiving neuron gets more than enough dopamine that is floating around in the synaptic cleft because it hasn't been taken back yet  If you do cocaine too much, the brain understands this and the threshold in the transmitting neuron will be adjusted because the brain realizes the body is getting too much dopamine  Serotonin: Neurotransmitter used to combat depression and make you happy -> Ecstasy does something to the system that regulates Serotonin  They prevent Serotonin from being re-uptake by the transmitting neuron o They mimic these neurotransmitters (have same shape) enough to stimulate the receptors  Way to artificially introduce these chemicals in your body  Alcohol is inhibitory and shuts things down in your body o Second part is Re-Uptake: Where the neuron brings back the neurotransmitter to start up another action potential o Drugs affect other parts of the brain as well causing side-effects Brain
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