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Lecture 4

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Steve Joordens

Lecture 4 Sigmund Freud (1856 - 1939)  Freud wasn't a scientist but a physician  Interested in patients with dramatic situation and knew something was wrong but no physical damage present, so he knew it wasn't body but mind affecting it o Subconscious mind protecting conscious mind from something it can't handle  Theory too general and you can't test it because no physical evidence all verbal  Psychology branched into scientific psychology (understand normal human mind) and clinical psychology (trying to cure the human mind) o Scientific community both fascinated and mad because of this controversial theory o He argued that 'we have drives like hunger, hot/cold (temperature), thirst but can be easily satisfied in socially acceptable, easy and non-controversial ways. Sex and aggression drives different because you have to internalize it and hold it in for a while to be socially acceptable. They come in weird ways in our behaviour that we don't even know about  Europe's reaction was running back to Weber and how we perceive the world o Germany with Gestalt Psychology - Seeing something tha
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