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Lecture 6


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Steve Joordens

Lecture 06Quantitative Data AnalysisProblem with External ValidityThey are pretty aware with where you are going with the experiment It might not actually happen in the real world Solomon Four Group DesignIs the solution to the problems with external validity Addresses the problem of the testing interaction of the stimulusIt does this by adding two extra groups inoGroup 1 and group 2 is the same as the classical experiment By having extra groups we can see what the effects areGroup 1s results are similar to group 3 group 2s results are similar to group 4 showing that the stimulus is having an effect This is done to avoid problems from the testing situationsNatural and QuasiExperimentsQuasiExperimentoThat which looks like an experiment with NO random assignment Natural ExperimentoA stimulus varies through some unplanned event natural disaster war disease that happens to an outcome Naturally occurring phenomenon which tend to approximate the properties of a control experiment Strengths and weaknesses of experimental designSTRENGTHSYou can isolate the independent variable You can manipulate all other variables but the stimulusThey can be replicated as they are easily controlled to see how valid they are WEAKNESSESThey are artificial The way that things happen in the lab may not happen in real life Quantitative AnalysisDoing math to describe and explain what we are
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