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Steve Joordens

does not wish the information to be heard by all who may be standing aroundBarriers to effective Each persons mind is a unique filter The problems in Communication occur when the communicationCommunicators filters are sharply different Communication is a valued part of daily These problems are called Barriers as they activities and the need to master it is a hinder the smooth process of benefit of every citizen Problemsolving communicationunderstanding others opinions and There are a wide number of sources of noise exchanging ideas with others are all or interference that can enter into the benefited by good communication skills and communication process which prevent the the ability to allow communication to flow achievement of the desired result such as When one observes communication it is individualapparent that there are three parts to communication verbal nonverbal and Para verbal The verbal refers to the content of Semantic Barriersour messages the way we word our sentences and what is meant by what we say Convention of meaningThe nonverbal refers to the body movements and the message they send also known as Physical Barriersbody language and the Para verbal is the Psychological Bar
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