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Lecture 4

Lecture 4- Science and Therapy, Psychologies Recent past

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Steve Joordens

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Sigmund FreudHe was a very controversial figure in the world of psychologyMany Psychologists are against his beliefs and work whereas others do appreciate his work a lot There is a constant debateHe basically divided his study into two parts the conscious and unconscious brainFreud was not a scientist he was a physiologist He ultimately became interested in psychology because he thought that there are many psychological aspects which result into physiological problemsSometime people would not have damaged anything physically and yet experience a medical condition That got Freud thinking that there must be a psychological cause of many physical problemsSomething bad could happen to a man and he can go blind This is the effect of the unconscious brain to prevent his conscious mind from a shockThere were people with physical disabilities and yet had no physiological problems Thus maybe the mind was responsible for producing the symptomsThere is a psychic conflict that caused the physical effect The patients mind does not want to accept itSo the mind is causing the physiological symptomsFreud wanted to get at the psychological problem which caused the physical problemThere was no evidence of Freuds theory It was just not testable and not enough data could ever be collected to prove any of the theories The theory was general and not test
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