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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Steve Joordens

The soul humans have within them something that is not physical it is spiritual To pursue something scientifically one must first assume that the behaviour of that thing conforms to some sort of natural laws laws that can eventually be understood specified and used to predict future behaviourSouls are spiritual entities and as such they do not conform to natural laws Given this trying to understand them through a scientific process is pure follyIf you add a soul to something physical that is not spiritual science becomes irrelevant If something can do whatever it wants in a miracle fashion then science is incapable of studying it We are spirits in a material world We live in this physical world surrounded by physical things but we are something special Animism is the idea of attributing a soul to an inanimate objectThe mentality before was that we were surrounded by souls all around and that we had to be in agreement with them For example people would sacrifice virgins so the river wouldnt flood or the volcano wouldnt eruptOnce you understand the phenomenon of something well the spiritual and the magical side of it fades away For example when you see a magic trick you get so amazed but when you know how its done the magical feeling about it fades awayIf a computer can do what a human can do does that mean that the computer is intelligent or that the human isntAnd what about soulBecause we dont understand the richness of our behavior we create something like the soul computerPsychology is the child of two parents biology and philosophyBefore Descartess
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