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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Steve Joordens

Psychology Lecture Two September 17, 2010. SLIDE 5: - Mullers research of impulses brought attention to the human brain and whether it is spiritual or purely physical SLIDE 6: - Pierre Florens work proved the brain to be like the steering wheel of the car. - He would remove or destroy the brain of an animal and would find things like the following: if you removed the back of the brain the animals would become blind, so clearly the back of the brain controls vision. Ex 1. Removal of sides of the brains would cause motor problems or sensation problems - Therefore, specific parts of the brain control different aspects of human performance - Broca first to apply this logic to humans that were stroke victims and could not output correct speech - Upon autopsy he found that they were missing an area of brain tissue behind their left ear - Gustav & Hitzig added tiny wires to the brain and stimulated the brain and found stimulation of certain areas resulted in a specific result - They showed that different parts of the brain control different function - Phrenology phenomenon (incorrect idea) : part of the brain that is used more often than other, the size of that part of the brain would increase, wher
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