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University of Toronto Scarborough
Steve Joordens

Lecture notes Chapter 1 the science of psychologyRene Descartes o Humans are puppets controlled by strings or machine o Humans posses a soul and free willJohn Lockeofirst to say mind controls behaviour o Empiricismtesting ideas experimenting o Attempting to understand learning o Babylearns thru experiencesJames millo He came up with materialism states human no diff Than animals just physical beings joint by atomsJohannes Muller o First to study human anatomy noticed basic msgs sent along the nerves was like a electrical impulse therefore the message started somewhere and ended somewhere discovered subunits of brainPierre Florens o Took out parts of the brain from animals to see whats poppinPaul Brocao Checked out stroke victims brain on death exact same spot where there was dead brain tissueGustav FritschEduard Hitzigo Using wires to stimulate the brain lightly electrifying different spotsHermann von Helmholtzo Learnt speed of nerve impulsesErnst Webero Sensing fractionconstant proved internal aspects of body can be studied mathematically o Humans tell diff Of light and weight ratio stayed constant like always need 10 poundsWillhelm Wundto Believed in introspection look in mind o Show random shit to ppl to comprehend their thoughtsDarwin biologist asks the question why which started a new school of psychology named functionalism ex why is eye sight more sensitive than touchDifferences from structuralismo Focus on mental operations not mental structures o Bull dozerLarge yellow heavy structuralism slow functionalismEbbinghaus
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