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Steve Joordens

Psychology Lecture 2 (Chapter 1 Slide 1-6) Physics is the study and science of how things work in the external, material work. Psychology, unlike Physics, is a more recent study. Intelligence= magic; ex. When you first see a magician, it’s amazing. However, once the Illusionist explains the process, the trick loses its magic and the nonphysical aspects. Is a supercomputer intelligent? No if you consider that all the process require algorithmic processes.  But what about us? Aren’t we going through processes? We sometimes give objects a ‘soul’ by personifying it. Ex: Oh, it was my car that drove too fast, I just tried to slow him down! - Nowadays, society would not believe that to be true, since we view it as a physical act, not spiritual. Around late 1700s: It wasn’t until Rene Descartes that human started being interested in studying humans. Descartes moved to France due to some psychological issues, where he took interest of statues in the garden. He was fascinated when he noticed that the statues moved (science of hydrolics, where a pressure plate set rails to move once it was stepped on). He implied the hydrolic dynamics were also present in humans. Rene said that parts of us are machine, and are directed by the spiritual world. People believed humans are the only ones with soul.  dualism Brutal experiments were done on animals, since they were considered machines. Philosophy and Biology were seen as the predecessors of Psychology. The difference between philosophy and psychology is that philosophy conducts thoughts and creates ideas, while psychology applies and tests these theories. Locke introduced empiricism (where you research using the scientific process to learn more instead of theorizing). He also declared that all behavior and skill were created by the interaction with the environment learning. In psychology, the process of learning is basically studied (ex. Is a prejudice something you are born with, or is it something you develop?) James Mills- ‘materialism’ humans are not spiritual; theirs
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