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Lecture 18

lecture 18 notes

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Steve Joordens

LECTURE 18 CHAPTER 5: SENSATIONS We present it with ane energy level below the level a person can consciously detect- Subliminal messaging. How big of an energy difference can you detect? Weber differences Not being able to see it-to not see it? Just like threshold (not hearing and hearing) 1st psychology experiment by Jastrow on the ability of subliminal perception. The experimenter made the individual guess the cards (number or an alphabebit) and most were 60-65% accurate. This can be a potential worry for most people because they cant see it but their mind takes it in unconsciously. Perception without awareness. response bias- invidual or subject might not say the inappropriate word or what they saw if it was inappropriate unless they were 100% they saw it. Signal detection theory- presenting a stimulus on some trails, and not on others. It is presented on a very low energy level. Then asking each subject
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