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Steve Joordens

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LECTURE 19: Sensation (Chapter 15) Visions advantage is distance because it helps us tell how far an object is, deal with predators and improves our ability to work with things. Those with good visual perceptions tend to survive longer. Audition helps you hear things from far away, but with vision we get a precise idea of what we see. Sounds can be unclear as the frequencies dont come clear or sometimes there is a language barrier. Vision is more clear and correct from distance. We see only a small part of this called the visible spectrum. It ranges from light with wavelengths of between 380 nanometers (violet) up to 760 nanometers (red). Iris- The coloured part of your eye it is actually a muscle that controls the size of the pupil. It can dilate or open the pupil. Pupil - The black part in the middle of the eye simply is the opening that allows light into the eyeball. Sclera - The white part of the eye a to
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