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Lecture 13

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Steve Joordens

Psychology Lecture 13 The twin study design is flawed; it has a confound, because it includes genetics as well as the environmental factors. Slide 14: science is flawed, evolution is the scientific theory. This means there’s only one theory in its category, because it’s very powerful, but that is not something that science does not favor, since in an area you generally have multiple theories. Altruistic behavior: where somebody puts themselves on the line to help someone else. Ex. Firefighters charge into a building that is likely to collapse. This is not uniquely on humans; wolves for example howl to warn other wolves of a hunter, but expose their own position to the hunter. Altruism does not support evolution, since in evolution the driving force is reproductive success. Altruism is a trait that can get an individual to be at risk in getting killed and the kinds that follow altruism will eventually be ‘weeded’ out. Slide 15: However, altruism can support evolution when it involves a group with the same genetic sets. They try saving other family members in order for them to reproduce.
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