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Steve Joordens

Psychology Lecture 24 (Chapter 6) Slide 24: Using the laws you can determine the two objects. The right is recognized as a clock, but how was that determined? Slide 25: reverse cookie-cutters- when you place the cutters on top of the dough, you create shapes, which are the templates. We are talking about the reverse though. In our heads we have several templates, and several templates are tried until we find the matching template to the object. The problem though is that you’d need a diverse number of templates for just one object, since you can see them from various orientations, and there are various models of it (ex. Chair). This is just used as a starting point to the speculations. When you define a chair, you’d use functional descriptions, but you could not relate it to the visual system. We look at fuzzy features that average out all the types of chairs and creates a general feature that matches all the chairs. We will use the fuzzy templates, the prototype, and try to match them with the object in order to recognize it. Slide 26: Images of cats and birds pop up, and you have to say whether it’s a cat or bird. You can get prototypical birds and some that are not (ex. Exotic birds, penguins). The less prototypical images would take longer
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