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Psychology Lecture 32 Consolidation from sleeping firms up the transition to long term memory, but you always work with long-term memory. Sleeping after studying will consolidate the content and makes it easier to pull out the material you learned. Retrieval is the take-out of information from your memory. Coding- When you think of concepts and what they mean, how you can apply them, you use reinforcement. The more things you can relate the information with (like images, past incidents, analogies), the easier it gets to remember them. Slide 26: when you read you use the working memory, but what do you do with it when studying? Maintenance rehearsal is like shallow studying, where you repeatedly read a text. However, you need a LOT of repetition in order to place it into long-term memory. The better option for studies is elaborate rehearsal: Learning, understanding, making sense of the information. When there’s a part in the text book you have trouble with, write multiple choice questions, which is a form of elaborate rehearsal. Numbers are often memorized in maintenance rehearsal, but you can remember them easier if you remember them in chunks and make sense of them, like creating an image based of the numbers. Slide 27: Ex: playing two guitar solos, one country, one blues, you’d immediately recognize the genres. How do you pick up the difference? That’s because each type uses different scales, and when listening you don’t need practice to know that. You have listened to a few songs of the genres, which will give you set up to recognize the genre when being played. Grammar is another example: you know which grammatical word h
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