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Steve Joordens

Psychology Lecture 36 (chapter 9) Slide 10: Blind sight- People who have damaged part of their primary visual cortex (They see a black spot in their vision). Consciously they don’t see anything, but if something is placed in that spot, they guess right. There are paths of vision that go to the conscious, but other that go to the unconscious parts that the person is unaware of. Multiple personalities- Usually a shy vs. worldly personalities. Schizophrenia is different from multiple personalities. It looks like there are multiple people in one body. There is a pattern in it, more prominent in women. Multiple personalities might be created in traumatic situations. Ex: when the daughter is with her father when he’s abusive, one side comes out that is tougher that takes in the abuse. When the father is normal, the daughter switches to the petite, shy version who forgets those situations. Slide 11: Hypnotists usually tell the people to weave their fingers together and squeeze their hands together while he talks. He then tells you to release the hand and tells you you can’t release the hand. The people who listen to what he says will have trouble releasing the hand because they obey. Two theories why people tend to do crazy stuff in the hypnosis. 1) The hypnotist is allowed to direct what they do. Usually you are under control of their mind, but there they release themselves to the hypnotist’s control. 2) As we live our lives, we box in our personalities and define them. It’s very tricky way to behave in a different way, but we will in some cases (ex. When you’re drunk). The alcohol was an excuse to become someone else, and that’s what hypnosis is as well. By using that excuse they are protected by their behavior. The distinction can be based on ethics though, since when you do something that you wouldn’t do, you don’t cross the line. The problem is with hypnotism experiments, you can’t endanger the patients or make them cross the ethical line, so you can’t push them to the limit and see what they would do (ex. Pull the trigger and shoot a person). When your body is relaxed, you can use imagery stronger and see things clearer. Ex: Imagine you’re smoking and lighting up a cigarette and there’s an a
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