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Lecture 17

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Steve Joordens

Psychology Lecture 17 Chapter 4 Slide 24 if the primary cortex is damaged you cant hear at allIf the left side of the damages your language understanding or speech It seems a stroke that removes that side will also remove your worries and such regarding stress and give you a sensation to be more one with the world which discourages people to contact a doctor because they feel much betterA dominant left handed person will not have an opposite effect of that of a very right handed person it is just less lateralized ie Language can be found in both sides of the brain Slide 25 parietal touch physical feeling It is the interaction with the body and the world It has complex hemispheres that interact with the world using the two parts of the hemispheres For very lateralized people the left side knows very well where our part of the body is ex If you ask what your left toe feels like you can attend to itEx A woman has a damage in her left parietal lobe She lost her proprioception of her leg that lets her know that her leg is her leg We get a similar sensation when our leg falls asleep and we dont feel it The left parietal lobe is responsible for proprioceptionPhantom limb pain you have pain on a limb that does not exist ex You have an itchy hand even though you lost that hand from an accident Thats because the sen
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