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Steve Joordens

September 17, 2012 Psychology A01: Lecture 1.3: Science and Therapy: Psychologies Recent Past  Why did scientifically minded psychologists hate Freud so much? It’s all about the lack of testable theories. He left the scientific perspective. He came up with theories to explain why people were doing what they were doing and treated them. But could not be scientifically tested. Eg. Repression mechanism- bad memory caused blindness. He thought the solution was out of scientific treatment.  For clinicians, does the client feel better? Freud felt he was on the right track when his patients said they felt better. But people will say yes because it is our duty, or purpose of getting help. For scientists, it is do you have a theory that leads to predictions we can test.  Religion = Freud. They have ideas, theories that describe a way of living, mental healthiness. Outside science.  Freud’s theories are becoming more scientific The European Reaction  Gestalt Psychology- trying to understand the laws underlying our amazing ability to acquire and maintain stable percepts in a noisy world  Gestalt – the whole is more than its parts (Flipped)  Notion behind this psychology – what we perceive in our minds is more than what we perceive of the world. We try to make sense of what we see – magic. Eg. Pac man VS triangle, torso VS full body  They saw Freud as someone who saw humans as sexual and aggressive. People believed that humanity is better than this- they found what was special about us.  Also “humanistic psychology” was born largely as a direct counter response to Freud’s … focusing on the positive aspects of humanity. Eg. Caring, loving, helpful  Pro-social behaviors – strengthen social bonds Eg. Charity, helping  Eg. Promoting positive social bonds, bully helping victim  Psychotics – anti social behavior Eg. Isolation, inconsiderate The North American Reaction  Behaviorism…  Shunned all discussion of any psychological concept that couldn’t be directly and objectively measured and or manipulated  Consciousness, attention, memory, percep
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